In 2017, Rochelle moved to Charlotte NC and opened up her agency there. She "quickly" was involved in the community and attending different events. Rochelle opened up her non-profit organization, Learning 2 Exhale in 2019, where she has woman groups monthly to help lift self-esteem and confidence as well as giving woman knowledge to learn how to Exhale. She wants to be a positive advocate to women in January of 2018 she went back to school to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree with a Concentration in Management. Rochelle has a 4.0 GPA, is has been on the Dean/Presidents list since she started. She is 85% done with her degree and will continue on her path to her dreams and goals.

Building self-esteem and confident in woman around the world

                                                                                                                                                       Tamicka Rochelle Jordan (Rochelle Jre), was born in San Mateo California. She always loved law and had dreams of being a Defense Attorney. Growing up she focused a lot on law and wanted to defend people who got treated wrong. However, she quickly became interested in modeling. Rochelle taught many classes to plus size woman who was supposed to have modeling issues, but she found out quickly that was not the case. Her heart turned "quickly" to the passion of helping woman gain self-esteem and confidence.


       2001 she attended Northwestern Technical College, graduating with a Medical Software Specialist Diploma. In 2007 she attended Lansing Community College, for a paralegal certification with a Business Minor. However, she never lost focus on her real passion, and that was helping woman around the world to learn to love themselves. 2013 Rochelle opened up her own consulting modeling agency in Lansing MI, which catered to women that needed help boosting their self-esteem and confidence. Currently, Rochelle has 13 models under her agency, and they are involved in events all over promoting strong confidence and self-love. She loves poetry and is a published author as of April 1, 2016.